Gift A Day of Play


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Brighten a family’s day by gifting them a joyful and memorable experience at Wiggle & Play! Our “Gift a Day of Play” program allows you to sponsor a day of fun and adventure for a family in need. Each purchase is a day pass for a child to play!

Why Choose “Gift a Day of Play”?

  • Spread Joy: Your generosity brings laughter and smiles to families who could use a day of carefree fun.
  • Build Community: Help us foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where every family can create cherished memories.
  • Encourage Learning: Play is vital for children’s development. Your gift supports educational play in a safe, nurturing space.

Wiggle & Play ensures that your contribution reaches a deserving family in our community. Upon purchase, we will create a post inviting families who could benefit from a day of play but may not be able to afford it. We will randomly select a family to receive your generous gift, making every effort to distribute these days to those in need and spread the love so that different families benefit each time.

This gift will be given to a random family. If you would like to give it to a specific family please choose a gift card.