About Wiggle & Play



A Villiage

Wiggle & Play was created to be a hub where families feel comfortable bringing their children and building a sense of “village” by feeling accepted, encouraged, and connected with other families in the Kenosha area.

Wiggle & Play is an indoor playground focused on serving caregivers and their young children (0-7 years) in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area. Children are able to get their “wiggles” out by exploring a fun, exciting play area while caregivers are able to relax and interact with other caregivers. Additionally, Wiggle & Play seeks to provide a variety of class opportunities for both children and caregivers.

At Wiggle & Play, we have 3 big goals:


Be a safe and fun environment for kids to get their wiggles out through gross and fine motor play.

Help Parents

Help parents find their village through a wide variety of groups, classes, and events.


Support small businesses. A majority of our offerings are sourced from local or small businesses!



We are the Fox family! My name is Alyssa along with my husband, Andy, and we have 2 boys. My husband and I moved to Kenosha in 2018 before our first son was born and we have never looked back. We love the Kenosha community and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! My husband was born and raised in Sheboygan, WI while I moved around a lot growing up due to the military. Fun fact: Kenosha is the 12th place I’ve lived! 

I originally opened a studio in 2019 doing mommy and me workout classes, family events, and birthday parties. Unfortunately COVID hit 6 months later and we had to close the studio. I continued to do mommy and me classes outdoors in the summers but it just never felt like enough. In 2022, on a 5 hour drive for our 5th anniversary trip my husband and I talked about my hopes and dreams for opening the studio but making it more than just a studio this time. I wanted to add a playground and so many more classes and resources. By the end of that long weekend we had a rough draft of a business plan and so many ideas. Our dream for the future is to open a larger location and add a full service café. It has been super hard to find the space we were dreaming of so my  gut told me to open smaller in the current space. I am excited to start offering classes and play to the Kenosha community! 

A Clean & Safe Environment

Our toys and equipment are thoroughly cleaned with eco-friendly products. We care about your health at Wiggle & Play!